Easy to use software which enables independent and regional pharmacies to increase profitability and operational efficiency.

PharmacyFace makes it easier for you to offer a range of services, building customer loyalty and positive outcomes.

Attract new patients even when your pharmacy is closed 

Our appointment platform enables patients to take control of their community healthcare appointments 24/7 whilst delivering cost-savings and greater patient exposure to your pharmacy.

Many pharmacies currently have underutilised consultancy rooms.  The public trust community pharmacy and have a need for effective, hassle-free healthcare services, accessible within a busy lifestyle.  Now they can book themselves in without having to leave your website. 

Pharmacy Face can be used to help connect pharmacies and patients for:

  • Blood and allergy tests

  • M.U.R’s & New Medicine Advice

  • Emergency hormonal contraception

  • Courses including smoking cessation

  • Vaccinations (including flu and travel)

  • Sexual health and erectile disfunction

  • Early detection (e.g mole checks)

  • Other private & NHS services promoting healthy lifestyles.



By providing an end-to-end, easy to use booking experience for the healthcare needs of your community, you can also benefit from data giving you a greater understanding of the clinical needs of your customers.

This includes easy-to-view, anonymised information showing when patients wanted to be seen, whether you could see them then or not, which post code locations they are and are not travelling from and which services they wanted.


You can also use this visual, anonymised data to clearly and securely demonstrate to CCG, LPC and other stakeholders the contribution you and your peers make on a day-to-day basis.  Uptake of new private services can be easily tested and their contribution assessed.

The PharmacyFace system lets you know what staffing or appointment availability changes could be made, in order to better serve the healthcare needs of your customers, in real-time.

Owners of multiple branches can use PharmaceFace to match staffing levels with local community demand for services and obtain data comparing branches under their management.

Giving patients faster, easier access to services in your pharmacy helps you to:

  • Grow your patient-base and customer retention
  • Improve retail & over-the-counter revenues

  • Avoid negative impressions associated with engaged phone lines or missed calls

  • Benefit from greater patient-led loyalty for your dispensary without unduely influencing patient nomination

  • Enhance local word-of-mouth and online reputation

Significant efficiency gains help control costs, improve patient experience and add to the value of your business.