Your patients, young and old, are almost all regularly connected to their smartphones or rely on the internet to keep in touch and locate services when they need them.

Previous misconceptions about older age groups not making use of mobile technology are being shattered.

For example, over 55s have been projected to be the age group experiencing the fastest increase in smartphone penetration in recent years, with the gap in adoption rates between the older and younger generations close to vanishing by 2020. 

Here in the UK, patients are becoming increasingly discerning in their healthcare decision making. As the video on this page captures (see 'New Healthcare Disrupters - near the top of this page), technology is helping empower a global shift towards patient-centred care.

PharmacyFace helps you by:

  • Making it really simple for patients and pharmacy customers to access your services

  • Marketing your existing services in a powerful way to people you have not yet reached, with tangible, measurable results

  • Enabling you to test new services you have been considering with rapid feedback

  • Helping you prove the value of your services to CCG and other funding bodies 

  • Opening up greater cross-sell retail opportunities

  • Strengthening relationships with carers, schools, GP's and residential care homes

Targeted, Online Marketing

For safety reasons, many of the most popular internet search engines and social media sites will not allow products and services associated with community pharmacy to simply be advertised without prior-approval.

For healthcare services to be promoted online effectively, campaigns require careful planning and direct communications with the largest and most effective online search companies.

As a PharmacyFace member you benefit from:

  • Proactive support to take your marketing online in an effective, targeted way

  • Unique, 'click and meet in-pharmacy' convenience for your patients

  • Nimble campaigns which increase demand for existing services and can test public acceptance of new ones.

For more information on how we help PharmacyFace members achieve outstanding levels of connection with patients in their community and beyond simply ask for a free, no obligation demonstration here.