How It Works For Your Patients

Patients can see your consultancy room(s) availability in real-time, 24 hours a day online. They can quickly book their appointment with you via the PharmacyFace platform on your website or on their smartphone.

Pharmacies positioning themselves as true healthcare destinations within their community are better placed to grow commercially, compared to those perceived as solely a dispensing pharmacy.

Save hours on the phone or replying to emails by enabling self-service booking, freeing you up to provide even better, safer and accurate service and dispensing to your customers.


Online & SmartPhonE BOOKINGS

Patients find our online booking system simple and quick to use on your patient-facing website, giving your services 24 hour accessibility.

WIth the PharmacyFace booking widget installed on your website linked directly to your in-pharmacy booking platform, your customers are able to see live availability for your consultancy room(s) whether you are providing M.U.R's, phlebotomy, stop smoking sessions, allergy tests, EHC, glucose testing, blood pressure tests or any other clinical healthcare services.

Our booking platform also reports back to you stats on any lost patients due to lack of appointment availability that was right for them, giving valuable insights on when and where you can better meet the healthcare requirements of your customers in your community.


Reduction of DID Not Attends (DNA's) & Drop Out rates

Patients missing appointments is not only costly for you, it can be detrimental to their health.  Text and email reminders can be selected within the system to help to reduce 'no shows'.

We are confident that future person-centred care will come from the smarter sharing of information (with patient consent) between healthcare professionals and PharmacyFace has been future-proofed with this in mind.

The PharmacyFace system can be tailored to patients requiring repeat visits for, e.g. 'stop smoking sessions.'  A simple to book series of appointments  combined with e-mail confirmations and reminders can help to reduce course drop-out rates.