Your pharmacy will benefit from a live, secure, real-time booking platform, accessed via your website from customers mobile phones, tablets and computers.  Practices such as re-appointing a patients initial booking time are made very easy.  Bespoke adaptions, e.g. email or texts reminding those having fasting blood tests not to eat or drink can be established easily. 

PharmacyFace in no way dissuades patients from the convenience of walking into a pharmacy without an appointment.  Instead it helps introduce you to an additional group of time-sensitive customers who have become accustomed to the convenience of online and smartphone booking.

Double bookings cannot occur.  The booking system is tailor made to suit how long you feel is appropriate to spend with your patients, on each type of service. The Pharmacy Face system removes human error associated with writing down phone numbers and other notes.  It is more secure and makes accessing information easier than paper-based systems.

 All of your team members have their own log-in with appropriate level of access to information. 

Owners and senior management of multiple branch pharmacies can have access enabling them to switch between branch information.


Time Of Appointment Making

meeting your customers needs

Making life easier for patients and customers is frequently rewarded with positive word of mouth, social media endorsements, online reviews and a leading position for your pharmacy within the community.

Engaged phone lines, lengthy and time consuming email correspondence initiated through website contact forms or unnecessary travel for patients are not always desirable to them.  A recent analysis at a busy community pharmacy, before Pharmacy Face was implemented, revealed that a third of out of hours calls were going unanswered. 

PharmacyFace enables your customers to book in online for any one-to-one service in your pharmacy in seconds.  A 100% likelihood of them getting through at their convenience means a much lower chance of them going elsewhere or not following up on their healthcare requirements at all. Think of the PharmacyFace system as your online and smartphone 24 hour/7 day a week shop front assistant.

And a happier customer in your pharmacy who was able to book in on their terms is just as likely to buy over-the-counter and is more likely to become a loyal visitor.